Rethinking The Literary Agency.

Peter Cox, capo di tutti capi
Peter Cox, capo di tutti capi

Isn't it time that someone did?

Redhammer is today what other literary agencies dream of being in five years’ time.





We work alongside our clients as a team. Focused on their success. We sink or swim together.

You’ve always suspected there must be a better way of being represented, haven’t you?

You were right.


Why Rethinking?

For the best part of a century, the publishing industry has been remarkably untouched by change.

Yet today, flux is the only constant.

So it's time to look deeper. Old habits die hard.  Abandoning outdated attitudes is never easy.

For many, re-examining the role and purpose of the literary agent will never be on the agenda.

Good luck with that.

It all begins with the writer.

Serving The Creative Individual. That’s Where It All Begins.

In today’s tumultuous media landscape, the giants are primarily looking after their own interests.

But who’s looking after yours?

We’re a boutique agency.

You will receive far greater personal attention from us than from the dinosaurs.

(And we’ll have more fun, too.)



Deals, Deals, Deals.

Deals are the lifeblood of the creative industries, and we’re good at them.

Book deals, book-to-film deals (we’re really good at those), merchandising, life story, serial, and more.


Paying It Forward

Redhammer invests in writing talent right at the start of the creative journey. Litopia® is the oldest writers’ colony on the ‘net, and Redhammer supports it wholeheartedly.

Helping writers hone their craft. Providing timely and accurate advice. Hosting a community that’s collegiate, friendly and open to all.