If you'd like to make a submission,
here's how

We’re a boutique literary agency, which means that most of our resources are devoted to providing exemplary, in-depth management for our existing clients.

However, we’re also keen to discover brilliant new writing talent, and here’s how we do it.

Pop-Up Submissions®

In collaboration with Litopia Writers’ Colony, we participate in Pop-Up Submissions – the net’s first live submissions event that takes place at 5pm UK time every Sunday.

To take part all you need is a title, a brief description of the work, and the first seven hundred words.

If you are successful at this stage, we will call in the whole manuscript for a full submission.

Pop-Up Submissions allows you to be a “fly-on-the-wall” as your submission is discussed.  Many writers have found the process hugely enjoyable and very enlightening.

Full details, and a submission form, on the Litopia website.

Submitting To Other Agencies

If you are a UK-based author, you could also consider submitting your work to other British literary agents: