As you might expect from an agency like Redhammer, our submission process is different to – and better than – the submission procedures that most other agencies have. Please take a moment to review the options below.

Are You An Aspiring Author?

If you’re an aspiring, unpublished author then your submission falls into what the publishing industry uncharitably used to call (and sadly occasionally still does) the “slush pile”.

It’s not a respectful term, and we don't use it at Redhammer. We believe that new talent needs to be nurtured; not disrespected.

The best advice we can give to aspiring authors is to join Litopia Writers’ Colony

Supported by Redhammer, it’s a brilliant place to meet other writers, to hone your craft, and to get to grips with the ever-changing publishing landscape. It’s an extremely supportive environment and you won’t be pressured in any way.  It's free to join with a membership upgrade if you choose.

Litopia also produces the weekly live YouTube show Pop-Up Submissions which reveals how manuscripts are assessed by agents and publishers.

Are You A Previously-Published Author?

If you’ve been previously published by a recognised publishing company (not vanity) then you may be looking to upgrade your representation.

We are very happy to speak to authors in this position. While we may not be able to offer representation, we will certainly be able to discuss your range of options, including the emerging new area of self-publishing.

Get in touch using the contact page.


Are You A Self-Published Author?

Self-publishing is both a business and an art form. It involves maintaining an incredibly close relationship with your readers, while sustaining a consistent output of books. Challenging, to say the least.

Most traditional literary agents have little to offer the self-published author. We're more than interested in talking to you.

Foreign rights, film, television and other media deals are just some of the areas of mutual interest that are worth exploring.

Get in touch using the contact page.


Are You A Celebrity, Whistleblower Or Someone With A Unique Life Story To Tell?

You only have one opportunity to bring your personal life experience to market, so it’s got to be executed flawlessly. We have the cross-media expertise to do that.

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Submitting To Other Agencies

If you are a UK-based author, you could also consider submitting your work to other British literary agents listed below.  We can't guarantee this list is up to date, so please let us know if any of the entries need updating.