Unsolicited Submissions

Peter Cox provides a guide for neophyte writers

First, the bad news.

Experience has taught me that although you may think your very first manuscript is ready for prime time – it almost certainly isn’t.

The truth is, most of the submissions sent to literary agents need a lot more elbow grease, care and love before they are ready to be seen.

So what’s to be done?

Well, that’s why I set up Litopia, the net’s original community for writers. The intention was to create a unique place where writers can be supported and their craft honed. It’s free to join and, in my view, it should be your first destination when taking your initial steps towards the world of publishing.

The atmosphere in Litopia is very collegiate. It is a place where friendships are forged and excellence in writing is encouraged.

Many writers have affectionate feelings towards Litopia, and owe much to its unique method of literary critiquing.

Join it, and you’ll see.

Open Submission Periods

We are a small agency (although we do some of the biggest deals around) and can only assign sufficient time and attention to unsolicited submissions for a few weeks every year.

We are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions. Check this website periodically, or join Litopia Writers’ Colony for further updates, and indeed to find out about the submission policies of other literary agencies.

Submitting To Other Agencies

If you are a UK-based author, you should consider submitting your work to the following literary agents: