Ewan Morrison

“Easily the most interesting Scottish writer of his generation”
… The Guardian


Ewan was raised in a utopian hippy family in the extreme north of Scotland.  His father was the poet David Morrison, a passionate socialist and Scottish Nationalist.

Ewan’s most ambitious work of fiction – NINA X – will be released by Fleet, an imprint of Little Brown, on the 4th of April, 2019. The novel tells of the life of an extraordinary young woman who is raised from birth in ‘ideological purity’ in a commune-cult and then escapes into our modern world.

Described as the ‘most fluent and intelligent Scottish writer of his generation’ by Booker Prize judge Stuart Kelly, Ewan has won many awards, including the Scottish Book of the Year Fiction Prize in 2013 for his novel Close Your Eyes and the Glenfiddich Writer of the Year award in 2012. His writing has appeared in all of the UK’s leading newspapers and in magazines in Britain, Italy and Germany.

Ewan is a frequent guest on TV and radio, and was the subject of a 30 minute Stark Talk interview on BBC Radio in 2014.  His public appearances include keynote speeches to the Frankfurt Book Fair, TEDx Oxford, and the International Book Festivals in Sydney, Pisa, Verona and Edinburgh.

His Survivalist story Day One is currently in development with Kindle Entertainment as a TV series; he wrote the script for the film adaptation of his novel Swung and co-wrote the film American Blackout. He has worked as Story Consultant on the feature films Outlaw King and From Life, and on a number of TV series.

Ewan is known for his wry and daring sense of humour, and for a writing method that could be described as ‘experiential’ – he throws himself into subjects in order to write about them, often going undercover to ‘become’ the type of person he is writing about. He has ‘lived out’ alternatives to monogamy, including swinging, the ménage à trois, the long-distance relationship and the New Age commune… with each exploration becoming material for a novel. His characters often encounter extreme situations which force them to ask, “how should we live?”

Today, Ewan is widely recognized as one of the most talented, exciting and relevant voices of our times.


Scottish Book of the Year (SMIT) Fiction Prize 2013

Glenfiddich Scottish Writer of the Year 2012/13

Not the Booker Prize (Guardian) 2012

Saltire Society Book of the Year 2012

Creative Scotland Writer of the Year Award 2012

The Prince Maurice Award for Love Stories 2007

Arena Magazine Man of the Year Literature Prize 2006

Top 50 Scottish Books of the Last 50 Years. The List. 2013

BAFTA Scotland x 2 Best New Director and Best New Writer. 2002

The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film 2015

Royal Television Society Best Regional Drama 2002

Special Mention at the Pescara Film Festival 2001

The Audience Prize. Festivale de Sainte Livrade 2001

Special Mention. Napoli Film Festival 1998




‘Brilliant, funny, clever, inspired, really powerful and also moving - a literary tour de force’
- Fay Weldon

Publication date 4th of April, 2019

A mystery with an eccentric, unreliable protagonist who sees our world in a very different light.

Nina is a character to stand alongside Offred of The Handmaid’s Tale and Jack in Emma Donoghue’s Room.  Film and television enquiries click here.


Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

‘Intense & brilliantly sustained’
- The Guardian

Close Your Eyes is an astonishing novel.   It manages to be both clear-eyed and harsh, compassionate and just.  It takes us right to the heart of the turbulent social changes that defined our last quarter century and it is a revealing honest, searing novel about mothers and children, about what it means to be part of a family.  The story, the writing, the moral intelligence: all of it is a knockout.’
Christos Tsiolkas, author of the bestselling novel & TV series THE SLAP

‘Intense and brilliantly sustained, this is a powerful, moving exploration of New Age life.’
The Guardian

‘A fearsome read, it latches on and won’t let go.’
The Independent, Arts & Books Review

‘Mesmerising.  Disturbing.  Outstanding.  Written with exquisite emotional perception, this is a tour-de-force from Morrison – the kind of book which comes along rarely but lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned.’
Daily Record

‘Morrison inhabits his female characters with impressive skill, and his sharp portrayal of the commune’s evolution from hippy enclave to capitalist self-help business makes what is a potentially depressing novel a riveting read.’
The Observer

‘Beautiful, haunting.  If Ewan Morrison was a woman, Close Your Eyes would be destined for the Orange Prize shortlist.’
Helen Walsh, winner of the Betty Trask Prize and the Somerset Maugham Prize

‘An insightful tale of a brave new world revisited.’
The Sunday Times

‘One of the successes of the book is Morrison’s convincing use of a female narrator.  The reader forgets the author is male.’
The Scotsman

‘Morrison is a generous and wide-ranging dyspeptic.  His novels have been steadily sharpening their dissection of the creative classes on these islands.  Indeed, the whole of Close Your Eyes is an admirable and intimate wrestling with the damages incurred by trying to heal, as Adorno once called modernity, “a damaged life”.  Anyone wanting to read a wise, emotionally literate gauge of the burdens – and blarney – of alternative living should buy it immediately.’
The Independent

‘Morrison’s most accomplished book yet: a complex, thought-provoking and deeply ambitious book, and one that Morrison, now an exceedingly versatile writer, pulls off triumphantly.’
The Herald

‘If you’re looking for memorable, important Scottish novels of the early 21st century then this is one of the books that needs to be read.  It’s very different from Ali Smith, it’s very different from Irvine Welsh and yet it takes its place in that group of very important Scottish writing.’
Nick Barley. Director, Edinburgh International Book Festival

‘Few male writers manage to tap into the emotional well as deeply as Morrison does, yet he has a clearer eye for the bigger picture and the writerly craft at his disposal to deliver a piercing critique of the world we live in. Morally complex, emotionally resonant – Close Your Eyes is a fine, fine piece of work.’
The Big Issue

‘A brave, sensitive, painful novel, Close Your Eyes is an alternative history of the last forty years, an exploration of the damage idealistic well-intentioned parents can do to their children, and a reminder that it is sometimes the people who are absent who really fill up our lives.’
James Robertson, author of And The Land Lay Still


Tales From The Mall

Tales From The Mall

‘The most ground-breaking book to come out of Britain in years’

‘One of the most innovative and ground-breaking books to have been published in the last couple of decades.’
Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting

‘A great book. It’s touching and emotional and part of a new form of literary storytelling.’
James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces

‘Morrison continues Ballard’s tradition of locating menace beneath the sleekness and shine of post industrial life.’
Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X

‘Morrison is easily the most interesting Scottish writer of his generation.’
The Guardian

‘A wonderful and important book.’
Catherine O’Flynn, Costa prize winning author of ‘What Was Lost’

‘Gruesomely funny, uncomfortably accurate, astonishingly varied… Tales From The Mall represents and creates a nether world that is all around us, mostly ignored, hardly seen, incessantly frequented.’
Jonathan Meades, author and Broadcaster

‘Welcome to a new kind of 21st-century storytelling. This remarkable collection of writing is hard to categorise in any orthodox sense, but it is a brilliant and often profound form of literature that says more about the modern human condition than a hundred more conventional novels might.’
Scotland On Sunday

‘Ewan Morrison captures beautifully the point at which anecdote becomes urban myth and reportage slides into fiction. This feels like a really important step toward a fiction of the 21st century.’
Claire Armitstead, Books Editor, The Guardian

‘A vibrantly funny and genuinely scary portrait of our times.’
The List

‘This is a phenomenal and important ground breaking novel – maybe even the Trainspotting of its generation.’
Kevin Williamson, Rebel Inc

‘The most ground-breaking and moving book to come out of Britain in years. A dazzling book about everyday people trying to find heart in a heartless place. Morrison is so far ahead of the zeitgeist it’s frightening.’

‘Sure-footed, smart and necessary. I was grateful for every word of it.’
Iain Sinclair, author of ‘Ghost Milk’

‘This is a book for anyone who’s ever dated, waited, worked or berated in a mall. Which is all of us.’

‘Brilliantly written! It’s fascinating, funny (often darkly) and at times really affecting. I am really glad that people pushed me in the direction of Ewan Morrison, now I am hopefully going to be pushing him on you.’
Savidge Reads

‘Not many authors can write hateful women so well while remaining fundamentally sympathetic to them. Morrison stacks up the fragmented shards of his stories so intricately that a resulting – and seemingly precarious – structure works beautifully, packing in a powerful emotional punch without losing a rational and, despite protestations to the contrary, distinctly polemical edge.’
New Linear Perspectives



‘The best book on sex since John Updike's Couples.’
- Arena


‘It’s difficult to believe that Swung is his first novel. It boasts a narrative control and sureness of touch that would induce envy in many more experienced novelists… Swung is a beautifully crafted, completely realised and often inspirational book. It announces Morrison as one of the most interesting and exciting voices to emerge in Scottish fiction in recent years.’
The Guardian

‘A very impressive first novel.’
Scotland on Sunday

‘Worryingly captivating.’

‘Ewan Morrison’s brave, dirty, utterly honest account of the psychological side of swinging is a complete delight.’
Matt Thorne

‘Though sex is its language, this is a novel about ageing and settling and messing things up again, with heart enough to make it hurt a little.’
The Observer

‘Morrison is not an extreme writer, but he is an honest one, something many confuse, and that’s what makes ‘Swung’ so convincing.’
Indelible Ink

Film & Television

The Outlaw King

The Outlaw King

Epic period drama of Robert The Bruce

Starring Chris Pine and directed by David Mackenzie, Ewan was Story Editor for this epic period drama that tells the story of Robert The Bruce, the king who led his country to freedom from the oppressive rule of England in Scotland.

None of the Above

None of the Above

When internet dating goes horribly wrong

Funded by the Scottish Film Talent Network, None of the Above is a cutting edge controversial 17 minute short film about an internet dating vlog that goes horribly wrong.  Written and co-produced by Ewan. Produced by Arpeggio Pictures and directed by rising star Siri Rodnes. Executive Producer is Carolynne Sinclair Kidd.



The secret underside of a very modern relationship

SWUNG was Ewan’s first feature film, an adaptation of his own novel, starring Elena Anaya (Sex and Lucia, The Skin I Live In).  It was a finalist for four international film awards.

American Blackout

American Blackout

Learn what it means to be powerless

Together with his wife, the award-winning scriptwriter Emily Ballou (The Slap, Case Histories, Scott and Bailey) Ewan co-wrote the feature length “Mass TV Event” American Blackout (National Geographic Channel).  Trailed at the Superbowl, it reached an estimated audience of 28 million viewers and was discussed in the US Congress.

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