Mal Peet

Mal Peet

One of the most brilliant writers of our generation. Winner of many prestigious prizes and awards, including the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Prize.

Author Statement

“I see genres as generating sets of rules or conventions that are only interesting when they are subverted or used to disguise the author’s intent. My own way of doing this is to attempt a sort of whimsical alchemy, whereby seemingly incompatible genres are brought into unlikely partnerships. Keeper, for example, is a combination of sports biography, ghost story and Arthurian legend.

If I were to try to describe the way in which I write, the only word I would use without qualification is ‘slowly’.”

The Murdstone Trilogy

The Murdstone Trilogy is a genre-bending, reality-mashing black comedy.

The Murdstone Trilogy“It has instantly become one of my favourite books- right up there with Terry Pratchett and The Princess Bride for fantasy comedy”

- Eoin Colfer

Published by David Fickling Books in November 2014.

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